Where can I find videos about AI safety?

Also available at aisafety.video

Generally good sources



Specific suggestions

Note that:

  • I haven’t watched all of these videos. Feel free to comment with more recommendations!

  • This list does not focus on podcasts, although there are a few podcast recommendations. See this page for some AI safety podcasts.



Inner alignment

Outer alignment

Agent foundations



Individual researchers

Reasoning about future AI

Frontier AI regulation

International AI governance

US AI Policy

Compute governance

Hardware supply chain

Misc AI governance


Career planning



How AI works



Debates / discussions between people with different perspectives


Watching videos in a group

Discussion prompts

Higher-level meeting tips

  • Show the video → people discuss afterwards with prompts

  • Active learning techniques: here

  • You can skip around through parts of the video!

  • See “Discussion Groups” from the EA Groups Resource Center

  • Make the official meeting end after 1 hour so people are free to leave, but give people the option to linger for longer and continue their discussion.

  • You can also do readings instead of videos, similar to this. Or play around with a model (e.g. test out hypotheses about how a language model works).

  • Try to keep the video portion to under 20 minutes unless the video is really interesting.

  • For a short video you could watch one of Apart’s ML + AI safety updates. Some of these contain many topics, so people can discuss what they find interesting.