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32 pages tagged "Contributing"
What are some helpful AI policy resources?
How can I help in under five minutes?
I’d like to get deeper into the AI alignment literature. Where should I look?
I want to work on AI alignment. How can I get funding?
What are some simple things I can do to contribute to AI safety?
How and why should I form my own views about AI safety?
How can I convince others and present the arguments well?
How can I update my emotional state regarding the urgency of AI safety?
Would donating small amounts to AI safety organizations help?
Where can I find mentorship and advice for becoming a researcher?
What training programs and courses are available for AI safety?
What subjects should I study in university to prepare for alignment research?
What links are especially valuable to share on social media or other contexts?
What are some exercises and projects I can try?
What are some AI governance exercises and projects I can try?
How can I help?
How can I do machine learning programming work to help with AI alignment?
How can I work toward AI alignment as a software engineer?
Who should I talk to about my non-research AI alignment coding project idea?
What should I do with my machine learning research idea for AI alignment?
I’d like to do experimental work (i.e. ML, coding) for AI alignment. What should I do?
How can I do organizational or operations work around AI alignment?
How can I work on public AI safety outreach?
How can I use a background in the social sciences to help with AI alignment?
What should I do with my idea for helping with AI alignment?
How can I help AI alignment researchers be more effective?
How can I provide significant financial support to AI alignment?
How can I improve my life situation before working on AI alignment?
How can I build a career in AI alignment?
How can I do conceptual, mathematical, or philosophical work on AI alignment?
What master's thesis could I write about AI safety?
Intro to AI safety